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BioLogic - Catalogo Potentiostat / Galvanostat
Potentiostat / Galvanostats for every possible scientific and industrial application
BioLogic Essential - VSP-3e Potentiostat
VSP3e: an electrochemical workstation tailor-made for energy research
BioLogic Essential - VMP-3e Multichannel Potentiostat
Power, performance and precision all rolled into one robust multichannel potentiostat galvanostat.
BioLogic Essential - SP-150e Potentiostat
From μA to 800 A: The power to do more
BioLogic Essential - SP-50e Potentiostat
A cost-effective potentiostat with advanced functionality, ideal for Education
BioLogic Essential - VSP Potentiostat
5 channels - A versatile, research grade, multichannel electrochemical workstation. EIS measurement from 10 µHz to 1 MHz, Current ranging f…
BioLogic Essential - HCP-803 Potentiostat
Single channel, high current potentiostat for supercapacitors & fuel cells. A research-grade electrochemical workstation with the power of an…
BioLogic Essential - HCP-1005 Potentiostat
1 channel electrochemical workstation - More power for battery testing . A compact high-current electrochemical workstation - FRA specifical…
BioLogic Premium - SP-240 Potentiostat
A single channel electrochemical workstation - compact and powerful in a portable chassis. A powerful, research grade, potentiostat offering…
BioLogic Premium - VMP-300 Potentiostat
16 channels - The most modular multichannel potentiostat. EIS capability up to 7 MHz and ultra low current sensitivity with the ULC option
BioLogic Premium - VSP-300 Potentiostat
6 channels - A research-grade multichannel potentiostat with a compact footprint. Perfect for group working the VSP-300 electrochemical workstation ca…
BioLogic Premium - SP-300 Potentiostat
2 channels - a fast, sensitive, stable and modular electrochemical workstation. A state-of-the-art research grade potentiostat with a 500 mA to 10 A r…
BioLogic Premium - SP-200 Potentiostat
Single channel - Transportable potentiostat. The perfect electrochemical workstation for corrosion with the 100 fA accuracy ultra-low curren…