IT7900 Regenerative Grid Simulator

The IT7900 series is a programmable, four-quadrant grid simulator.
It is also a four-quadrant power amplifier, which can be used to test various grid-connected equipment.
For example, PCS, energy storage system, microgrid, BOBC (V2X), PHiL, etc.
With the islanding mode (RLC settable), a single unit of IT7900 can realize the anti-islanding protection test.
Besides, the power density of IT7900 series is very high, 15kVA in 3U.
After parallel connection, the power can be extended to 960kVA at most.

Main Features
- High power density/minimum rack space, 3U up to 15kVA,16Hz~150Hz

- Regenerative grid simulator & full 4-Quadrant AC&DC power sources
- Power Amplifier function for PHiL applications
- Professional anti-islanding test mode, can set and simulate the RLC (resistive-inductive-capacitive), active and reactive power circuit for anti-islanding detection
- CC/CV/CP modes
- AC, DC, AC+DC or DC+AC output capability
- Comprehensive working modes selectable: single-phase, three-phase, reversed phase and multi-channel
- Programmable Output Impedance, allows simulation of Real-World Utility Grid Impedance
- Compliance tests incl LVRT /Phase Jump/Frequency variation/Harmonic Injection
- Supported regulatory testing include IEC61000-4-11/4-13/4-14/4-28 etc