Brands Fluke Calibration

Fluke - FPG8601 Automated Calibration System

Reference level calibration system for very low pressure

Covers the range of 0 to 15 kPa (113 Torr) in gauge, absolute differential and absolute modes.
Resolution to 1 mPa (0.0075 mTorr, 0.000004 in. H2O).
Measurement uncertainty to:± (5 mPa + 30 ppm of reading) in gauge and absolute differential mode, ± (8 mPa + 30 ppm of reading) in absolute mode.
Fully automated operation including pressure control and DUT data acquisition allows multi-increment tests to be run unattended.
Integrated thermal transpiration correction available when needed.

FPG8601 addresses the need for a means of maintaining long term traceability with very low uncertainty in the pressure range under that covered by conventional piston gauges.
The measurement range covered is from zero (0.5 Pa in absolute) to 15 kPa (112 Torr, 2.2 psi) in both gauge and absolute modes. Measurement uncertainty is the combination of ± 30 ppm of reading and a low end threshold component low enough to support the calibration of typical transfer standards with ranges as low as 130 Pa (1 Torr, 0.5 in. H2O), and even 13 Pa (100 mTorr, 0.05 in. H2O).
FPG8601's measurement uncertainty is documented in a complete uncertainty analysis. The instrument's stability over time is dependent on the stability of a tungsten carbide piston-cylinder and stainless steel mass, allowing FPG8601's calibration interval to be the same as that of conventional piston gauges with no other special maintenance requirements.
In addition to its excellent metrological performance, FPG8601 offers fully automated operation; reasonable size and weight and has no environmental requirements beyond those typically found in a high end metrology laboratory.

Specifications online: FPG8601 Technical Specs