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Fluke - COMPASS® for Flow software

COMPASS® for Flow is a fully customizable macro-enabled mass flow calibration software package based on the COMPASS® for Pressure software platform.
Unlike its predecessor, COMPASS® for molbox, COMPASS® for Flow natively supports non Fluke Calibration flow references, making it a universal mass flow calibration program.
References that have a supported remote interface can be fully automated.
A built-in macro capability provides users a tool to perform complex real time flow computations, as well as alter the test scenario based on data collected.
A complete set of unit under test setup, test setup and report generation tools are provided to support an unlimited set of calibration scenarios.

New in COMPASS for Flow version 4.0:
Seat-based licensing - connect to the COMPASS for Flow database from multiple licensed PCs
Export data into MET/TRACK® Asset Management Software version 8.x
New "Custom Time" option allows customization of the test dwell time, average time and regulate time
"Tare molbox" option allows customization of the tare pressure (upstream or downstream) for the reference or device under test on any test point
Updated HELP file including topics related to flow
New flow-specific fields and intellisense in Macro Editor support flow macro development
Flow-specific setup examples and macros in the setup database assist in calculating sonic flow